Green for All Frontlines

Low income communities and communities of color are on the frontlines of some of the worst pollution in America -- due to their proximity to the dirtiest sources. Fossil fuel pollution leads to higher rates of asthma, cancer, and pollution-related diseases. It contributes to devastating climate change and climate chaos. And it's communities living on the frontlines of this pollution who are paying the greatest price.

The cost of carbon pollution is not free.

Taxpayers at large and struggling families in particular are bearing the cost to treat the many side effects of the fossil fuel industry’s dirty pollution. We are paying the health care costs, the costs of clean up when disaster strikes, the higher price of produce at the supermarket due to drought's effects on agriculture, and depressed property values, to name a few of the ways.

It’s time to reverse this trend and hold polluters accountable. Polluters should pay, not families.

The good news is something amazing is happening in California. They're cleaning the air by charging polluters for the damage they cause, and using that money to uplift neighborhoods—with good jobs, new investment and healthier air. You can find stories of real families whose lives have been changed for the better by these climate policies at

Now together, we can stand up and start winning in states across the country.  Click here to learn more.

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