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Deb Rosenbaum, 2010 Fellow
The Surdna Foundation is pleased to announce the transition of its national and longstanding Surdna Arts Teachers Fellowship Program (SATF). As of July 1, 2012, this signature program will be known as the National Arts Teachers Fellowship Program (NATF), and will be under the direction of the Center for Arts Education at the Boston Arts Academy in Boston, Massachusetts.

Led by Executive Director Linda Nathan, The Center for Arts Education is focused on promoting best practices concerning the integration of the arts and academics.  It is closely aligned with the Boston Arts Academy, a specialized public arts high school with a national reputation for its artistic and academic innovation.

In 2001, the Surdna Foundation's Arts Program established the arts teachers' fellowship program to support the artistic revitalization of arts teachers in specialized, public arts high schools and arts-focused charter and magnet schools. For twelve years the fellowship program has provided opportunities for more than 226 arts teachers from 77 schools to expand their creative work and increase their interactions with professional artists and colleagues. The program's work has strengthened arts teachers' effectiveness in educating and preparing young people for higher education and/or careers.

"Surdna is proud to have incubated the Arts Teachers Fellowship Program and looks forward to its growth in the exemplary, innovative environment of the Center for Arts Education," said Phil Henderson, President, Surdna Foundation.

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Alice Rogan, 2003 Fellow
"Surdna's support of this transition, both conceptually and financially, helps the Center catalyze this important opportunity to build its program in support of arts teachers nationwide.  The Center will add artist/teachers' unique points of view, and value, to this national leadership development work," comments Linda Nathan.

For application information regarding the 2013 round of Fellowships, please visit the Center for Arts Education Website.

See announcement of 2012 Surdna Arts Teachers Fellows.

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