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CLCR’s Austin Polytechnical Academy
The Center for Labor & Community Research (CLCR), a Chicago-based nonprofit, is a partnership of labor, business, government, education and community leaders working together to establish the US as a leader in advanced manufacturing-collaborating to rediscover, reinvent, and rebuild manufacturing in the knowledge economy. As American manufacturing has shifted to more complex, value-added work, securing a highly-skilled and educated workforce at all levels of a firm has become the greatest challenge due to the deterioration of our public education system and perceptions about the livelihood of the manufacturing sector. The Center was founded with an aim to reverse this predicament. After 30 years of research and community engagement, CLCR found that advanced manufacturing represents a fusion of public and private interests, and holds the greatest potential to build a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable society.

Over the past decade, CLCR has greatly expanded its programmatic activities to build strategic partnerships, improve manufacturing workforce development systems, and define a national policy framework to support the advanced manufacturing industry in Chicago and across the United States. Over the next two years, CLCR will build its organizational capacity to strengthen existing initiatives, including Austin Polytechnic Academy and the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council (CMCR); work with labor unions, teachers, and manufacturers' associations to replicate CMCR in other cities, like the San Francisco Bay Area; and educate Federal agencies about the prime opportunity to move a national advanced manufacturing workforce pipeline and economic development agenda.

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