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demosrptGDP measures economic growth, but is it an accurate measure of progress?

While GDP has been steadily increasing, indicating a growing economy, other metrics of progress show a very different picture. A new report from Demos, Beyond GDP, makes the case for why GDP is an incomplete measure and explains in depth what is missing from GDP that prevents it from measuring progress. Demos is also releasing a set of infographics that charts important social measures against GDP growth.

Demos, a Surdna grantee, is a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization that melds the analytical innovation of a think tank with the outreach strategies of an advocacy group through 6 major program areas: Democracy, Economic Opportunity, Public Works, International, Special Initiatives, and Fellows.  By publishing reports, books, and articles, organizing events, and through television and radio appearances, Demos works to help the public and policymakers see in a new light the challenges we face as a country, and the underlying causes of those challenges.

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