Surdna Foundation Centennial

Next-Generation Social Justice Philanthropy

The Surdna Foundation, in partnership with the Andrus Family Fund, has committed $800,000 to help build the field of next-generation social justice philanthropy. The Foundation, as part of its Centennial grantmaking initiatives, will build the field by sparking a dialogue about philanthropy centered on race, privilege, equity and social justice and by increasing the number of next-generation philanthropists who are engaged in social justice work.

Through the initiative, the Surdna Foundation and Andrus Family Fund are providing resources for family foundations, community foundations and donor-advised funders to pursue next-generation social justice philanthropy. Next-generation social justice philanthropy engages younger generations of philanthropists — whether they are high net worth individuals or trustees of family foundations — to focus their philanthropic efforts on social justice initiatives.

Surdna’s pledge reflects the Foundation’s commitment to its social justice values. The Andrus Family Fund’s role reflects the Fund’s commitment to engaging family members in philanthropy focused on social justice.

“Recognizing the entrenched wealth and racial inequities that exist across the United States today, foundations and donors want to engage future generations of philanthropists around philanthropic models centered on social justice, race and equity — but many lack the resources and relationships to do so,” explains Leticia Peguero, Executive Director of The Andrus Family Fund and Andrus Family Philanthropy Program. “We hope this initiative will usher in a new era of family philanthropy and next-generation engagement — one that engages the next generation of philanthropists to address systemic inequity through social justice philanthropy.”

A key aspect of the commitment is building the field of next-generation social justice philanthropy by promoting best practices, furthering dialogue and building networks to connect and share resources among philanthropists and foundations seeking to address racial inequity and social justice. To achieve these goals, the Foundation will work with existing philanthropic resource organizations to share learnings publicly via reports, blog posts and social media, and collaborate with next-generation philanthropy groups on presentations, events and publications.

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for the full list of Next-Generation Social Justice grant recipients and information about the specific work being funded.


The Amplify Fund:  Elevating Community Voices in Decision-making

As part of Surdna’s Centennial grantmaking initiatives, we’re investing in equitable community development led by residents.

Surdna’s catalytic $4.5 million contribution to the Amplify Fund will seed a multimillion-dollar pooled fund to put neighborhood development in the hands of the residents of those communities.

The Fund, an initiative of the Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG), is focused on bolstering the ongoing efforts of residents in historically marginalized communities (low-wealth communities and communities of color) to make decisions about the policies, developments and public investments that impact their lives.

To seed the pooled fund, Surdna is partnering with the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundations.

The Fund will:

  • Help to scale and advance the practice of philanthropic support for community engaged development, deepen funders’ impact and formalize a set of best practices for funders to disseminate in the field.
  • Invest in up to 10 cities over the next five years, focusing on supporting citywide and regional coalitions, networks, and campaigns led by members of low-wealth communities and communities of color which are engaging, advocating, and organizing for equitable development.
  • Offer communication, evaluation, and technical support to grantee organizations.
  • Generate a collaborative network of community-driven organizations that connects local, regional and national efforts to share strategies, best practices, and knowledge to ensure a lasting, widespread practice of equitable community development led by residents.
  • Elevate and amplify the local movements toward equitable community development and call attention to the importance of ensuring that the voices and perspectives of the residents in low-wealth communities and communities of color inform decisions about the policies, developments and public investments that impact their lives.

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