Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
2014 Approved Grants > Sustainable Environments
Sustainable Environments

Sustainable Environments Grants Descriptions

North Star Fund

New York, NY | $5,000

To support the development of the Community Food Funders group, by increasing the capacity of the Food and Environment Program Officer position at the North Star Fund.

Category: Regional Food Supply

One Day on Earth Foundation

New York, NY | $75,000

To support large scale collaboration among media creators and civic communities that will establish a robust and insightful video archive on the topic of infrastructure. Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Thriving Cultures Program.

Category: Others

Partnership for Southern Equity

Atlanta, GA | $45,000

To support the Partnership for Southern Equity organizational development and sustainability planning.

Category: Integrated Infrastructure

Pittsburgh United

Pittsburgh, PA | $250,000 (24 months)

To support green infrastructure education, advocacy and engagement efforts that maximizes environmental, social and economic benefits, especially for underrepresented communities.

Category: Urban Water Management

River Network

Portland, OR | $45,000

To develop a 'how-to' manual for midsize cities to leverage transportation funding to implement stormwater management strategies.

Category: Integrated Infrastructure

RSF Social Finance

San Francisco, CA | $750,000 (60 months)

To support the growth of sustainable agriculture, regional foods hubs, and food supply chain enterprises in an effort to rebuild regional food infrastructure.

Category: Program Related Investment

Rutgers University Foundation

New Brunswick, NJ | $300,000 (24 months)

For Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program to develop a statewide program that assists New Jersey communities in implementing green infrastructure solutions to stormwater

Category: Urban Water Management

School Food Focus

New York, NY | $200,000 (24 months)

Support for research and development of best environmental and procurement practices from School Food FOCUS Learning Labs to help school districts increase the volume of regionally and sustainably produced poultry and produce.

Category: Regional Food Supply

Smart Growth America

Washington, DC | $600,000 (24 months)

For general operating support, including efforts to integrate land use development and infrastructure strategies and policies that maximize economic and environmental community benefits.

Category: Sustainable Transportation Networks & Equitable Development Patterns

Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Atlanta, GA | $200,000 (24 months)

For general operating support including work on energy policy, utility, and regulatory forums, and innovative finance in the Southeast.

Category: Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment