Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
2014 Approved Grants > Strong Local Economies
Strong Local Economies

Strong Local Economies Grants Descriptions

Opportunity Finance Network

Philadelphia, PA | $300,000 (24 months)

To support the growth of Community Development Financial Institutions providing small business financing, including capital for minority businesses, and to develop Opportunity Finance Network's thought leadership around job quality.

Category: Business Development & Acceleration

Pacific Community Ventures, Inc.

San Francisco, CA | $100,000

To support the development and launch the Accelerating Impact Investing Initiative - which seeks to drive capital for investment in enterprises that anchor economic opportunity in underserved areas.

Category: Business Development & Acceleration

Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, Inc.

Bronx, NY | $125,000

To support the 'Raise the Floor, and Build the Ladders' initiative, improving the quality of entry-level direct-care jobs and strengthening opportunities for career advancement.

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways

PICO National Network

Oakland, CA | $125,000

To secure better wages, benefits, and increased access to good jobs - for low to moderate wage workers.

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways


Oakland, CA | $300,000 (24 months)

General operating support as PolicyLink launches a campaign to advance a new economic model that is driven by equity, opportunity and fairness.

Category: Equitable Economic Development

Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, NY | $400,000 (36 months)

Continued support for the growth of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance and the launch of an initiative designed to generate inclusive, equitable economic growth and quality manufacturing jobs.

Category: Equitable Economic Development

Race Forward

New York, NY | $45,000

To support the use of a racial justice lens to engage in ongoing reporting on economic justice issues, and the publication of two investigative articles on the topic.

Category: Equitable Economic Development

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

New York, NY | $100,000

Support for a national research and policy agenda focused on improving job quality, and to support the growth of an alternative restaurant trade association.

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways

Rising Tide Capital

Jersey City, NJ | $30,000

To support an ongoing micro-enterprise development program which provides high quality business education to low-income entrepreneurs; and for facilitation of the Local Economy Working group.

Category: Business Development & Acceleration

Saint Paul Foundation

Saint Paul, MN | $225,000 (36 months)

To support the final three years of the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, an effort to leverage light rail development to create places of opportunity, which will focus on business development and job access.

Category: Others