Surdna Foundation 2013 Annual Report
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Beyond the Grant

Beyond the Grant

To help ensure that the organizations receiving our financial support have the capacity to navigate complex regulations, understand the extent to which they can advocate, share the outcomes of their work, and have the means and know-how to perform more effectively, Surdna provides resources including grants management and communication expertise. Surdna’s commitment to supporting grantees’ projects beyond the awarding of grants is consistent with our method for achieving our mission.

Surdna’s grants management team is a critical center of innovation and strategy development, both at the foundation and within the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. The Office of Grants Management works closely with program and administrative staff, as well as grant applicants, to design systems that minimize application and reporting requirements, help the foundation implement strategy, and focus on what we are learning from the work of our grantee partners.

To become more effective learners about what works and what doesn’t, Surdna is developing communications systems to capture, curate, package, and disseminate grantee-generated knowledge. Communication allows Surdna and its grantees to test new ideas, as well as share practical insights and critical lesson gleaned from all our work to help us achieve greater impact.