Foundation Initiatives Grant Descriptions

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA | $135,000

Continued support to increase and strengthen collaboration between local and national efforts to advance innovative policies and mechanisms for comprehensive coastal restoration and community protection efforts in coastal Louisiana.

Committee For A Better New Orleans

New Orleans, LA | $60,000

To develop the New Orleans Citizen Participation Program including training, materials, and capacity building activities, and demonstration of its effectiveness through pilot programs.

Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health

New York, NY | $75,000

To continue to support grassroots organizations in the Gulf Coast through a collaborative, community-led grantmaking process; and to support capacity-building, network-strengthening and awareness-raising programs.

Institute for Southern Studies

Durham, NC | $75,000

To support the Gulf Community Agenda Report, a project to put New Orleans and Gulf recovery back on the national radar and ensure community voices are central to the national Gulf recovery debate.

Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana

New Orleans, LA | $170,000

To support the New Orleans Youth Organizing Collaborative, which consists of five youth civic engagement projects, founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and have been a vital force in engaging young people in New Orleans’ ongoing recovery.

Neighborhoods Partnership Network

New Orleans, LA | $100,000

To ensure that New Orleans’ neighborhoods effectively prepare for and engage in the city’s new Citizen Participation Program, designed as the vehicle for civic engagement and transparent local government decision-making.

New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice

New Orleans, LA | $150,000

To expand democracy for low-income communities of color in New Orleans, and to build vibrant civic participation in unemployed and under-employed communities.

Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN)

New Orleans, LA | $85,000

To continue the work of the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN) to ensure an informed and engaged community influences policy and programs that implement a shared vision of excellence and equity for public education in New Orleans.

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

New York, NY | $125,000

To develop the leadership of restaurant workers in New Orleans through research & policy, and promoting ‘high road’ employer practices, and for a feasibility assessment to launch a cooperative restaurant and workforce training center.

The Lens

New Orleans, LA | $100,000

To enable The Lens to create a sustainable business development strategy and further develop investigative journalism focusing on the environment and impediments to prosperity in the New Orleans region.

Alliance For Justice

Washington, DC | $50,000 (2 years)

For general operating support.


Washington, DC | $100,000

To support a 5-year plan to strengthen board leadership in the nonprofit sector by improving access and reach of its resources for nonprofit boards, reengineering programs for scalable delivery, and inspiring and diversifying a network of leaders.


Center for Effective Philanthropy

Cambridge, MA | $50,000 (2 years)

General operating support.

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

New York, NY | $140,000 (2 years)

To support EPIP’s Funding the Future Campaign, providing critical support during an important executive transition period, including the execution of EPIP’s Strategic Plan.

Foundation Center

New York, NY | $70,000 (2 years)

General operating support.

Hispanics In Philanthropy

Oakland, CA | $15,000

TTo support HIP’s GameChangers campaign.

Independent Sector

Washington, DC | $50,000 (2 years)

For general operating support.

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Washington, DC | $75,000

To provide general support for NCRP, whose work helps ensure that philanthropy benefits underserved communities and contributes to building a more fair, just, and equitable world.

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