53 Grants

1Sky Education Fund

Takoma Park, MD | $100,000 (1 year)

To continue to build a grassroots movement in support of federal climate and energy policy, by motivating and mobilizing a diverse coalition of environmental and non-environmental constituencies.

Category: Climate Change

American Lung Association

Washington, DC | $250,000 (2 years)

To support the American Lung Association's Healthy Air Campaign — an effort to defend the Clean Air Act through a field-based campaign that galvanizes the public health community in states across the country.

Category: Climate Change

BlueGreen Alliance Foundation

Minneapolis, MN | $600,000 (3 years)

To support general operations of the BlueGreen Alliance and its partner organizations in the labor, environmental and business communities to promote solutions to global warming through domestic investment in the green economy.
Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Strong Local Economies Program.

Category: Climate Change

Center for Rural Strategies

Whitesburg, KY | $200,000 (2 years)

To engage a broad group of rural stakeholders in the national transportation policy debate in support of an inclusive federal transportation reform agenda that emphasizes principles of access, livability and sustainability for all communities.

Category: Transportation and Smart Growth

Center for Social Inclusion

New York, NY | $200,000 (2 years)

To support transit equity and work with grassroots leaders in Southern and rural communities to prepare for state-level implementation and develop a vision for connecting rural and urban communities through public transit within the federal transportation bill.

Category: Transportation and Smart Growth

Center on Wisconsin Strategy

Madison, WI | $200,000 (1 year)

To realize the climate mitigation, jobs, equity and democratic promise of a clean energy economy by energy retrofits of cities, integration of sustainable policy choices, and better equipping state and local leadership that supports high-road values.

Category: Green Economy

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Takoma Park, MD | $75,000 (1 year)

To transform how Virginians – and all Americans – view offshore energy after the BP disaster through a Windmills Not Oil Spills campaign to help halt new ocean drilling and develop offshore wind as a green jobs alternative in Virginia and nationwide.

Category: Green Economy

Clean Economy Development Center

Washington, DC | $275,000 (1 year)

Time-sensitive planning and implementation of a capacity-building and market development clean economy project in the Gulf Coast in response to the BP oil spill.

Category: Green Economy

Climate Solutions

Seattle, WA | $225,000 (1 year)

To support statewide coalitions in Washington and Oregon to establish cutting-edge transportation policies and critical solutions to climate change, develop models for implementation, and engage in the national climate and transportation debate.

Category: Transportation and Smart Growth/Climate Change

Community Food Security Coalition

Portland, OR | $75,000 (1 year)

To increase the impact of organizations working to address lack of food access in communities and to effectively replicate successful projects by: 1) enhancing collaboration among national and regional technical assistance providers, and 2) supporting technical assistance providers from marginalized communities.

Category: Other

Cornell University Global Labor Institute

Ithaca, NY | $200,000 (2 years)

To conduct targeted outreach and research to educate and enhance the capacity of labor unions and transportation policy allies to engage in public policy discussions on sustainable transportation policies and practices.

Category: Transportation and Smart Growth

Demos: A Network for Ideas & Actions

New York, NY | $275,000 (2 years)

Support for Demos’ Beyond GDP project, which aims to reform the nation’s system of accounting to better measure economic development, social well-being and environmental sustainability.
Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna’s Strong Local Economies Program.

Category: Green Economy