48 Grants

African Development Center of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN | $350,000 (3 years)

To expand access to culturally-specific financial education, lending tools and technical assistance for African residents and business owners in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers/Baltimore Neighborhood Collaborative

Baltimore, MD | $250,000 (1 year)

To advance equitable and sustainable development that links mixed-income housing development, creation of business and retail, and access to job opportunities along Baltimore's existing and planned transit corridors.

Category: Community Revitalization - Weak Market Cities
(note: funded under previous guidelines)

Baltimore Community Foundation

Baltimore, MD | $100,000 (1 year)

To support the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance in its role as convener, monitor, facilitator and lead advocate for the coordinated multi-stakeholder strategy to advance transit-oriented development in Baltimore and the Central Maryland region.

Category: Connecting People to Opportunities

Baltimore's Safe and Sound Campaign

Baltimore, MD | $300,000 (3 years)

To demonstrate the effectiveness and fiscal efficacy of a workforce development initiative that aims to reallocate public resources and promote systemic reforms.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

BlueGreen Alliance Foundation

Minneapolis, MN | $225,000 (3 years)

To support general operations of the BlueGreen Alliance and its partner organizations in the labor, environmental and business communities to promote solutions to global warming through domestic investment in the green economy.
Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Sustainable Environments Program.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

Center for Labor and Community Research

Chicago, IL | $300,000 (2 years)

For capacity-building to replicate the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council in select cities across the country, and to develop a broad national manufacturing advancement agenda.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

Center for Planning Excellence

Baton Rouge, LA | $30,000 (1 year)

To support constituency-building for equitable transit-oriented development with affordable housing and job centers located along the New Orleans-Baton Rouge regional corridor.

Category: Connecting People to Opportunities

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth

San Francisco, CA | $100,000 (1 year)

To support the development of an innovative workforce development initiative to create quality jobs for low-income youth and adults in San Francisco.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

Community Law Center

Baltimore, MD | $150,000 (2 years)

To advance equitable, inclusive development in Baltimore through legal representation of community groups, and to advocate for development standards within local and state public policies.

Category: Connecting People to Opportunities

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

Ann Arbor, MI | $200,000 (2 years)

To accelerate credential validation by helping states and local sites understand validation processes and apply them within specific workforce sector-based approaches.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

Demos: A Network for Ideas & Actions

New York, NY | $100,000 (1 year)

To support Demos' Beyond GDP project, which aims to reform the nation's system of accounting through better measurement of economic development, social well-being and environmental sustainability.
Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Sustainable Environments Program.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities

Detroit Creative Corridor Center

Detroit, MI | $25,000 (1 year)

To support Rust Belt to Artist Belt III, a two-day conference in Detroit, to examine the role artists, creative entrepreneurs and advanced manufacturers play in the economic redevelopment of older industrial cities.
Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Thriving Cultures Program.

Category: Creating Economic Opportunities