For five generations, since 1917, the Foundation has been governed largely by descendents of John Andrus and has developed a tradition of innovative service for those in need of help or opportunity.

Directors & Officers

  • Bruce Abernethy
  • Elizabeth H. Andrus
  • John E. Andrus III
    Chairman Emeritus
  • Peter B. Benedict, II
    Vice Chairperson
  • Thomas H. Castro
  • Jocelyn Downie
  • David Grant
  • Lawrence S.C. Griffith, M.D.
  • John F. Hawkins
  • Josephine Lowman
  • Kelly D. Nowlin
  • Nadya K. Shmavonian
  • Michael S. Spensley, D.V.M.
  • Edith D. Thorpe


  • Sharon Alpert
    Senior Director, Programs and Strategy
  • Grace Bodden
  • Helen Chin
    Program Officer, Sustainable Environments
  • Marc de Venoge
    Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
  • Gabby Dizon
    Program Associate, Strong Local Economies
  • Shawn Escoffery
    Program Director, Strong Local Economies
  • Amara Foster
    Program Associate, Sustainable Environments
  • Jonathan Goldberg
    Director of Systems and Communications
  • Phillip Henderson
  • Beth Herz
    Program Associate, Sustainable Environments
  • Jee Kim
    Program Director, Foundation Initiatives
  • Justine Koch
    Assistant Controller
  • Amy Morris
    Program Officer, Foundation Iniatives
  • Aisha Musto
    Office Administrator
  • Ellen B. Rudolph
    Program Director, Thriving Cultures
  • Christina Rupp
    Program Associate, Thriving Cultures
  • Lynn Stern
    Program Officer, Thriving Cultures
  • Jasmine Thomas
    Program Officer, Strong Local Economies
  • Stefania Vanin
    Senior Program Associate, Foundation Initiatives
  • Tasha Washington
    Executive Assistant to the President