chapter-3About The Foundation: Thriving Cultures
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Thriving Cultures Program

Thriving cultures honor and celebrate the artistic impulse as part of community behavior, and as a way to strengthen community identity and cohesion. We seek to strengthen both individual and institutional cultural assets, contributing to vibrant communities.

Culture is not found in only one place in a community, but rather everywhere-from individual and group artistic expression, to patterns of habitation, to food systems, to education, to architecture, to uses of outdoor space, to cultural districts, to ceremonies (celebratory and mourning), to museums and performance spaces, to media. Culture helps people connect over time, inviting them to build and sustain the vibrant places they call home.

We will fund work in two related thematic areas.

  • Weaving a Community's Fabric

    In a just and sustainable community, thriving cultures are social groups bound together by shared concepts, values, beliefs, customs, traditions and activities. These groups have fair access to social goods such as rights, opportunities, power, and dignity.

    Cultural organizations and programs often act as catalysts for the building of just, sustainable communities. Cultural practices and cross-sector collaborations can motivate community cohesion and vibrancy, and can provide direction, as well as support for the development of assets. Catalysts can include cultural assets, cultural drivers, and cultural education. (see Evolving Guidelines and Lines of Work).

  • Building Capacity

    Within this theme, we will help build capacity for individuals, organizations and networks to participate effectively in the creation and sustaining of just communities.

    The work will provide access to sustained opportunities for learning and participation, and will include a focus on teens.

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