chapter-3About The Foundation: Strong Local Economies
Sustainable Environments

Strong Local Economies Program

The Surdna Foundation helps America's communities invest in their people and their places, acknowledging both as invaluable assets that are critical to long-term economic prosperity. We provide early support for communities that seek to increase access to opportunity for all residents to build their wealth in a sustainable manner.

We fund work in two key related areas:

  • Connecting People to Opportunities: building communities that connect residents to economic opportunity.

    The Strong Local Economies Program aims to help create communities of opportunity that offer good jobs within reach for low- and moderate-income residents and provide sustainable development solutions that enable people to easily travel between their homes and jobs, schools, and day-to-day services. Communities of opportunity include thriving businesses that offer good jobs within reach of diverse residents. They also incorporate sustainable and affordable transportation and development solutions enabling all residents to easily travel from their homes to jobs, education, and amenities.

  • Creating Economic Opportunities: supporting and creating robust economies and good jobs for all residents.

    The Surdna Foundation's Strong Local Economies program aims to create strong and sustainable local economies that include a diversity of vibrant businesses and sectors, improving residents' livelihood and access to quality jobs and training within a region.

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