chapter-42009 Approved Grants: Non-Profit Sector

Alliance for Community Media

Washington, DC | $50,000

To support a broad strategy that builds capacity and expands opportunities for a vital resource for open media and communications: PEG access and community media centers in the United States.

American University - School of Communication

Washington, DC | $150,000 | 2 years

To create a model for building communication capacity in nonprofits through foundation and university partnerships.


Washington, DC | $50,000 | 2 years

To implement a strategy aimed at leading a movement to build exceptional nonprofit boards and inspire board service.

Bridgespan Group

Boston, MA | $175,000

To develop a set of tools and external publications about nonprofit funding strategy that leverage Bridgespan's expertise and have a significant impact on the sector.

Democracy Now! Productions

New York, NY | $50,000

To provide general operating support to strengthen Democracy Now!'s public media collaboration; and to training the next generation of journalists and media activists to carry forward the pioneering work of Democracy Now!

Friends of WWOZ

New Orleans, LA | $100,000

To create a set of internet tools that leverage our existing media and community assets, to extend the reach of New Orleans music, benefit New Orleans artists, and facilitate opportunities for the entire New Orleans community.

Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media

Baltimore, MD | $25,000

To provide general operating support during the organization's capacity building phase.

I Do Foundation

Washington, DC | $35,000

To support the merger of the I Do Foundation and JustGive. By combining the e-philanthropy programs of JustGive with the wedding programs of the I Do Foundation, a sustainable platform to create new habits of charitable giving will be produced.

Link Media

San Francisco, CA | $200,000

To support a combination of Link Media and YouthNoise. The merger will facilitate access to the world's premium social purpose media; viewers will participate in that media to take action on the issues they are inspired by.

National Public Radio

Washington, DC | $45,156

To provide vital Phase II resources for Public Action, a new suite of online participatory media tools designed to foster community engagement by leveraging public broadcasting's trusted and balanced content.

Network For Good

Bethesda, MD | $75,000

To improve nonprofits' messaging and dissemination of their stories and to make it easier for media to feature and spotlight nonprofit news and information.

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York

New York, NY | $25,000

Support for the 2009 The New York Times Company Nonprofit Excellence Awards program: (1) to encourage excellent management & governance practices by nonprofit leaders; and (2) to raise public awareness of excellent management in the nonprofit sector.

OMB Watch/Focus Project

Washington, DC | $75,000

To pursue its mission to increase government transparency and accountability; to ensure sound, equitable regulatory and budgetary processes and policies; and to protect and promote citizen participation in our democracy.

Open Media and Information Companies Initiative

New York, NY | $75,000

For general operating support to assist Open MIC as it expands operations in its second full year of operation.

Pop!Tech Institute

, Camden, ME | $75,000

To further develop its social innovation engine, the Pop!Tech Accelerator, and to enhance its ability to produce and distribute meaningful media.

Public Radio Capital

Boulder, CO | $150,000

To attract media savvy young audiences to public radio by identifying high potential FM radio stations, institutional partners, and market opportunities and designing a new operating and format model.

Rubicon Programs

San Francisco, CA | $100,000

Support for Rubicon Bakery, a leading social enterprise in the United States which is scaling its impact to a national level. Support for the launch of its new product "Cocoa Berries" will allow the bakery to enter a new product category confections.

Social Enterprise Alliance

Washington, DC | $100,000

Operating support for the Social Enterprise Alliance to elevate social enterprise as an important organizational and economic strategy.

University Of Minnesota, Duluth - Master Of Advocacy And Political Leadership Program

Duluth, MN | $120,000

To provide the University of Minnesota Duluth sufficient resources so that the unique Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) program can be implemented in other states.

WBEZ Alliance

Chicago, IL | $75,000

For to improve the quality, quantity & sustainability of broadcast content by employing strategic nonprofit alliances, creating Website tools, and implementing new ways to remix and reuse user generated content to extend the impact of the broadcast conversation.


San Francisco, CA | $100,000

To support an enhancement of YouthNOISE's MyCauseIs platform to offer a customizable networking solution to our many partner groups. In doing so, YouthNOISE will reach more youth while providing a community-management tool for our partner organizations.

American Symphony Orchestra League

New York, NY | $25,000

To support the League's work to provide the information, resources, and advocacy in the fast-evolving area of electronic media required by the orchestra field, to help them better reach their audience members and the general public.

Bay Area Video Coalition

San Francisco, CA | $25,000

To collaborate with Arts Engine for phase one of Launchpad: the Diversity Pipeline, a two-year project to strengthen the nonprofit media sector by aggregating independent, youth and ethnic media through an online, open source system.

Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law

New York, NY | $40,000

To support the Brennan Center's campaign to educate the public about the federal 'private money restriction' that limits the activities of nonprofit organizations that receive funding from the Legal Services Corporation.

Center for Independent Media

Washington, DC | $50,000

To fund fellowships in the Center's New Journalist Program and to position the Center to expand the number of states in which it operates.

Free Press

Florence, MA | $100,000

For a Public Media campaign to educate Americans about the relationship of poor policymaking to the poor quality of mainstream media; help citizens influence policymaking; and support policies that will create a vibrant, independent media system.

FSG, Inc.

Boston, MA | $150,000

To identify and develop the tools and framework needed to link a foundation's mission investing to its program strategy through the analysis of a specific program area, such as the environment or community revitalization.

Guidestar USA

Williamsburg, VA | $25,000

General operating support to fund the GuideStar Membership Program, which provides support for the organization's special projects, including preparation of the web site for the New IRS Form 990.


San Francisco, CA | $15,000

To support the merger of the I Do Foundation and JustGive. By combining the e-philanthropy programs of JustGive with the wedding programs of the I Do Foundation, a sustainable platform to create new habits of charitable giving will be produced.

Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Baltimore, MD | $25,000

To continue expansion of the Standards for Excellence program and its nationwide replication by the Standards for Excellence Institute.

Net Impact

San Francisco, CA | $75,000

To develop a suite of online Board Fellows resources, and to integrate a new technology platform - Idea Central - into it's nonprofit capacity building programs.

New America Foundation

Washington, DC | $100,000

For a public interest campaign to reclaim the public airwaves. The New America Foundation advocates "open spectrum" and "open networks" as a means to achieve universally accessible and affordable broadband, close digital divides, and enhance community networking.

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network

St. Paul, MN | $50,000

To build civic and voter engagement programs inside an established state nonprofit host like the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organization, including a national campaign for nonprofits to engage in the 2010 Census.


Seattle, WA | $75,000

To change how civic engagement tools are designed, built and delivered to organizations, resulting in an increase in the cost-effectiveness and impact of their social change efforts.

Paley Center for Media

New York, NY | $50,000

To help define and advance the public interest of social media. The Center will connect social media innovators with social change funders around areas of common interest, working towards collaboration on tangible public purpose objectives.

PRX, Inc.

Cambridge, MA | $125,000

To support ongoing operation and development of PRX services, including: the main Web application and distribution on digital and satellite channels, continued leadership in public media, & a partnership with Project Vendor Relationship Management.

Pundit Productions

Washington, DC | $95,000

To maximize citizen impact on the policy and news agendas: Web development and outreach to enhance AskYourLawmaker web widgets with collaborative content, increased customization, APIs to inform questions and evaluate answers, and social networking.

Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Society

Saint Paul, MN | $50,000

To take the initial steps, including developing a pilot project, to use enhanced media and communication tools, to build a broader community around the SPCO.

Taproot Foundation

San Francisco, CA | $50,000

To design a Board Recruitment Service Grant as part of the Leadership Development & Strategic HR practice. This Service Grant will provide nonprofits with the tools needed to recruit and retain qualified and effective board members.

Volunteer Consulting Group

New York, NY | $25,000

To integrate Governance Matters into VCG to enhance the effectiveness of its nonprofit governance services including consulting, custom recruiting and placement, on-line recruitment and placement and information resources.


Brooklyn, NY | $50,000

For a new program to promote the use of video advocacy in the United States, with an emphasis on enhancing the media and communications capacity of the U.S. human rights movement and galvanizing a youth audience through online activism.