chapter-42009 Approved Grants: Effective Citizenry

Active Voice

San Francisco, CA | $50,000

To leverage Trouble the Water to galvanize advocates and educate and engage new audiences in order to build a broader base of support for policy reform around equitable development in the Gulf Coast and in communities where those displaced by Hurricane Katrina have resettled.

Asian Community Mental Health Services

Oakland, CA | $150,000 | 2 years

To support efforts to: build a solid youth organizing base; increase young people's skills and opportunities to effect change; and promote arts activism in marginalized and immigrant communities.

Brotherhood-Sister Sol

New York, NY | $50,000

To support The Liberation Program, a collective of youth activists and organizers (ages 14-18), in their efforts to be agents for social change in their community.

Center for Democracy and Citizenship - University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN | $100,000

To support the learning, engagement, and leadership development of youth so they become architects, organizers, and contributors to healthy St. Paul neighborhoods.

Chinese Progressive Association - Common Roots

San Francisco, CA | $165,000 | 2 years

To support Common Roots, a collaborative youth leadership development and training program for immigrant youth engaged in social and environmental justice organizing.

Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Los Angeles, CA | $300,000 | 3 years

To support students organizing to ensure implementation of the A-G Resolution and influence spending decisions regarding South LA schools.

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Brooklyn, NY | $75,000

To support Future of Tomorrow (FOT), a youth organizing program working to improve conditions and student resources in New York City public high schools.

Energy Action Coalition

Washington, DC | $50,000

To continue to build grassroots capacity amongst youth in the interest of building a clean and just energy future.

Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Environment Program

Generational Alliance

San Francisco, CA | $100,000

To build collaboration through convenings, capacity building projects, and joint campaigns between organizations working in different fields, including youth organizing, civic engagement on college campuses, and youth voter work.

Greater New Orleans Afterschool Partnership

New Orleans, LA | $50,000

To create a safe interactive Web-based communication system ( that will enable identification of the level and location of resources for youth in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Institute for Participatory Action Research and Design

New York, NY | $85,000

To support and expand the Participatory Action Research Collective rooted at the Graduate Center of City University of New York, and to help bridge youth development organizations and universities.

Labor/Community Strategy Center

Los Angeles, CA | $200,000 | 2 years

To support the Strategic Youth Leadership Project, which is building a city-wide student network focusing on public transportation equity, civil rights protections, and expanded educational opportunities for inner city youth.

Make the Road New York

Brooklyn, NY | $75,000

To support the Youth Power Project and its youth organizing and leadership development work in Brooklyn and Queens, and the running of the Bushwick Campus Student Success Center.

Movement Strategy Center

Oakland, CA | $600,000 | 3 years

To develop the skills and knowledge of young and emerging leaders, increase the effectiveness of anchor organizations in key social justice sectors, and facilitate greater scale of campaign impact.

New World Foundation

New York, NY | $85,000

To support the creation of a training program that offers leadership development, political education and college/career readiness to participants in the Civic Opportunity Initiative Network.

On The Move

Napa, CA | $75,000

To strengthen the McPherson Neighborhood Initiative, mobilizing young people to open dialogue and initiate action in response to divisions across Napa, and to establish the neighborhood as a designated "democratic zone."

Philadelphia Student Union

Philadelphia, PA | $120,000 | 2 years

To support continuation and expansion of high school based organizing and leadership development programs.

Praxis Project

Washington, DC | $100,000

To support the planning phase of the 2010 US Social Forum with special focus on the youth track which will emphasize inter-generational relationship building and policy advocacy capacity.

Right to the City Alliance

Brooklyn, NY | $100,000

To conduct national planning, capacity building, organizing, and youth engagement activities that promote regional and national solutions to the crisis of housing and gentrification in major metropolitan areas.

Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Community Revitalization Program

School of Unity and Liberation

Oakland, CA | $100,000

General support for popular education, organizing-skills training and technical assistance programs designed for youth and intergenerational organizations in the Bay Area and nationally.

Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice

Albuquerque, NM | $90,000

To support the Youth Leadership Development Campaign which provides fundraising, management, and organizing skills training to develop effective youth leaders for 60 organizations in the Southwest.


New York, NY | $75,000

To address the ongoing leadership development, political analysis and strategic training needs of young adult social justice organizers nationwide.

United States Student Association Foundation

Washington , DC | $100,000

To support the training of promising college students to become effective leaders and organizers, focusing on underrepresented communities, the development of strong statewide student networks, and the creation of cross-generational partnerships with alumni and coalition partners.

University of California Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access

Los Angeles, CA | $100,000

To develop the Council of Youth Research which promotes the civic development of urban youth and broadens Los Angeles civic life by infusing youth voice into public conversations.

Urban Youth Collaborative

New York, NY | $400,000 | 2 years

To support efforts to expand student voice, increase college access and graduation rates, and improve school safety in New York City high schools.

Youth In Action

Providence, RI | $100,000

To deliberately blend organizing and youth governance social change strategies involving youth in Providence and implement a city-wide, youth-led communications infrastructure.

Youth Together

Oakland, CA | $180,000 | 2 years

General support for membership development, training, and youth organizing campaigns across six high school campuses in Northern California's East Bay region.

Alliance for Education Justice

Oakland CA | $100,000

To support the planning phase and launch of a new national alliance of youth organizing and intergenerational groups working for educational justice.

Boston Area Youth Organizing Project

Boston, MA | $150,000 | 2 years

To sustain the next stage of youth organizing in Boston-area schools and communities by supporting programmatic growth, youth and adult staffing, and organizational development work.

California Fund for Youth Organizing

Los Angeles, CA | $50,000

To effectively build a movement that will empower young people of color and immigrant youth to change the politics and policies of California through organizing and other collective action.

Center for Third World Organizing

Oakland, CA | $200,000 | 2 years

To build the effectiveness and longevity of young people growing into social change careers while directly building the organizing capacity of social justice organizations throughout the United States.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA | $75,000

To support base building and leadership development of young people in order to educate and empower immigrant communities in Los Angeles and across California.

Community Learning Partnership

Washington, DC | $100,000

To increase the Partnership's ability to expand federal funding for degree-granting educational programs created in partnership with organizers, educators, and academics to prepare young people for long-term careers as community advocates.

Desis Rising Up & Moving

Jackson Heights, NY | $50,000

To build low-income, South Asian immigrant youth leaders to run successful Immigrant Safe Zones in schools, mobilize to pass the Student Safety Act in City Council, and fight education budget cuts.

Funders' Collaborative On Youth Organizing

Brooklyn, NY | $400,000 | 2 years

To strengthen and grow the field of youth organizing through grantmaking, capacity building, and philanthropic outreach and education.

Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Environment Program

Global Action Project

New York, NY | $75,000

To support Media in Action, a national training initiative supporting organizers seeking powerful communication tools to move their work further and faster, and greater youth engagement in their campaigns.

Institute for Local Government

Sacramento, CA | $50,000

To develop more authentically empowered, representative and effective city and county youth commissions and councils in California and nationally.

Inter-Alliance Dialogue

Washington, DC | $100,000

To support the early stage development of the Inter-Alliance Dialogue, comprised of five national organizing networks focused on building the shared analysis, policy formulation, and advocacy capacity of a broad cross-section of grassroots organizations.

Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation

Baton Rouge, LA | $100,000

To launch the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN), which will convene a comprehensive, citywide process for the people of New Orleans to come together to develop a shared vision of excellence and equity for public education.

Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation

Chicago, IL | $75,000

To launch four youth policymaking councils to advise Chicago city government and nine youth councils in public schools that together serve as a mechanism for youth to shape key policy decisions affecting their schools and neighborhoods.

National League of Cities Institute

Washington, DC | $100,000

To strengthen the capacity of municipal leaders and youth development experts to create sustainable systems that prepare and empower young people for authentic engagement in civic discourse and local government policy and planning.

Oakland Kids First

Oakland, CA | $80,000

To support the expansion of a student initiated academic peer counselor program district-wide, which will create a peer support school culture that facilitates more effective organizing to win long-term systemic changes.

Padres Unidos

Denver, CO | $75,000

To support the Freedom to Learn Campaign, which uses school and community organizing to dismantle educational barriers for low-income youth of color. The campaign focuses on educational excellence, curriculum, discipline, and access to college.

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement

Denver, CO | $50,000

General support for PACE to continue its work as an affinity group and learning collaborative focused on issues of civic engagement and democratic renewal.

Public Interest Projects

New York, NY | $75,000

To support Communities for Public Education Reform, a partnership of local and national funders who have pooled resources to support local and regional education organizing efforts to improve student outcomes in low-income communities of color.


Chelsea, MA | $100,000

To support Roca's youth organizing project, which engages high-risk youth in organizing efforts aimed at reducing the high school dropout rate in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Social Justice Leadership

New York, NY | $200,000 | 2 years

To train young organizers for careers in civic engagement, increase the effectiveness of their organizations, and build stronger collaborations in the field.

SouthWest Organizing Project

Albuquerque, NM | $100,000

To support youth organizing to develop new leaders, hold government accountable, and build SWOP's social justice movement at the state, regional and national level.

Stanford University - John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities

Stanford, CA | $90,000

To develop a continuum of youth civic engagement in Redwood City, California, leading to a base of energized youth committed to positive action, and increased capacity of institutions and organizations to support youth engagement.

United Students Against Sweatshops

Washington, DC | $50,000

To support efforts to train, educate, and develop students who possess not only a critical analysis of the world in which they live, but the tools to bring people together to lead social change.

Urban Justice Center

New York, NY | $200,000 | 2 years

To support efforts to strengthen the civic engagement and democratic participation of youth and other traditionally marginalized populations in local and citywide decision-making processes, particularly through policy and research support.

What Kids Can Do

Providence, RI | $75,000

To support deepened efforts to showcase youth voice in policy arenas, spread the notion of students as social documenters, and grow the nascent fields of youth engaged in policy-making and community-connected learning.

Youth In Focus

Oakland, CA | $90,000

To enable marginalized youth populations to realize their voice and power through participation in youth-led action projects called Youth REP (research, evaluation, and planning) that will address serious social inequities and community concerns.

Youth United For Change

Philadelphia, PA | $150,000 | 2 years

To support leadership development and youth organizing among Philadelphia high school students.